A project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris

The Drink Swap

Melbourne based, family business bringing non alcoholic drinks to you.

The Drink Swap was created to make it easy to swap from alcoholic drinks to beautiful non alcoholic alternatives. The Drink Swap stocks the very best tasting non alcoholic drinks on the market and has a perfect swap for your favourite alcoholic wines, sparkling wines, spirits and cocktails.

Your 5 o’clock wine or your drink when you’re watching Netflix is a a special treat that you deserve, but it’s easy to find your alcohol consumption creeping up.  Excess drinking is linked to heart disease, cancer risk, hormonal issues and weight gain, particularly for women (sigh!) and more so as we get older.

The Drink Swap makes it easy to swap one, some, or all of your alcoholic drinks with a luxurious, flavoursome alcohol free alternative. Reducing or giving up alcohol shouldn’t feel like a punishment or a diet. Make the swap to a fantastic non-alcoholic alternative and still feel like you are spoiling yourself.

We are a family run and female founded online non alcoholic drinks business in Melbourne, Australia stocking an increasing range of carefully sourced non-alcoholic beverages.  Each product and brand has been researched and tasted to make sure it matches with our values of sustainable production and ethical business.

Stockists of Monday Distillery, Heaps Normal Beer, Sobah Beer, Giesen 0% wines, Plus & Minus Wines, Altina Zero Proof Mocktails, Lyre’s Spirits and much more.