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Terms & Conditions for Stallholders

These Terms & Conditions are for operating stall sites at BNCM, located at Beaumaris North Primary School oval at Wood Street Beaumaris Victoria 3193.

The BNCM is organised and run by The Rotary Club of Beaumaris Inc. ABN 77172677132

In these Terms and Conditions the following terms in bold have the following meanings:-
BNCM means the Beaumaris North Community Market;
Category means the product offered for sale by the Stallholder and any particular further requirements which may apply in respect of such product as further detailed below;
Council means Bayside City Council of 76 Royal Avenue Sandringham Vic;
Oval means the area within the Beaumaris North Primary School set aside for BNCM activities;
RCOB means the Rotary Club of Beaumaris Inc, its Directors, Managers, volunteers and employees or contractors;
Stallholder means a person, partnership, organisation, body corporate or incorporated entity who has been granted a Stall Site at the BNCM;
Stall Site means an allocated area identified by RCOB as available for a Stallholder to occupy for the purposes of trading at a BNCM

1. Booking a Stall Site
1.1 Each Stallholder seeking a Stall Site at the BNCM must, prior to each occasion of the operation of the BNCM apply for a Stall Site via Trybooking (ref). An application via Trybooking will require the Stallholder to accept these Terms and conditions.
1.2 The Stallholder accepts that allocation of the physical Stall Site including its location within the BNCM is at the sole discretion of RCOB;
1.3 The Stallholder must, at the time of booking, specify the Category of Stall Site the Stallholder seeks to book;
1.4 Bookings are final once confirmed via Trybooking and no refunds or exchanges shall be provided.
1.5 CANCELLATIONS/RELOCATIONS: RCOB expressly reserves the right to cancel any booking of a stall site and/or reallocate a stall site irrespective of the stall site’s original allocation for the following reasons or circumstances:
– Where RCOB considers a booking or allocation to be detrimental to BNCM or to other Stallholders.
– Where The Stallholder has submitted false or misleading information.
– Due to unforeseen circumstances or state mandated closures.
1.6 If RCOB cancels a booking a refund will be given of stall site fees paid.

2. Stall Operation
2.1 The Stallholder must confine their operations, equipment and goods within their allocated Stall Site(s) unless otherwise agreed by RCOB;
2.2 The Stall Site shall be defined by the directions and/or markings made by RCOB (approximately 3x3m Marquee plus 3x6m to the rear for vehicle parking or storage of goods). Stallholders must accept the allocated stall space allotted to them.
2.3 RCOB may for any reason relocate, refuse admission to or remove a Stallholder from the BNCM.
2.4 A Stallholder may only park one vehicle within the Stall Site allocated to them;
2.5 A Stallholder may only operate a vehicle within the Oval for the purposes of accessing or leaving the Stall Site allocated to them and must not operate a vehicle within the Oval between the hours of 08:45 and 13:15 unless in the case of an emergency or as directed by RCOB;

3. Inspections of Stall Sites
3.1 The Stallholder accepts that their Stall Site may be subject to inspection at any time by:-
A) An authorised officer of Council; or
For the purposes of ensuring compliance with these terms and conditions or any requirements of trade, including necessary permits, licenses and insurance and must cooperate with Council and RCOB

4. Equipment and Power
4.1 The Stallholder acknowledges that the Stall Site has no access to power.
4.2 The Stallholder may apply to use a generator for the purposes of their trading operations. Such application must be made no less than 7 days prior to the date of the market. The Stallholder acknowledges and accepts that approval for the use of a generator is at the sole discretion of RCOB and if granted may be subject to conditions, including in respect of the permissible noise level and siting of the generator;
4.3 The Stallholder must provide all equipment required for their operations. Any marquee or other weatherproof coverings must be secured using appropriate weights for use on hard or grassy surfaces and in all weather conditions.
4.4 The use of pegs or stakes into the ground at the Oval is prohibited.
4.5 No signage, ropes or structures may be attached to any tree within or in the vicinity of the Oval; Vegetated areas in school grounds are not to be used.
4.6 RCOB may direct that any equipment used by a Stallholder, if considered in RCOB’s opinion to be insecure or present an unacceptable risk to anyone present at the market, be appropriately secured or removed;

5. Dangerous Goods and Compressed Gasses
5.1 The Stallholder must not at any time:
A) Keep more than 1 litre of flammable liquid, which may only be kept within an approved container;
B) Keep more than 2 cylinders of LP gas, each not exceeding 25 litres.
5.2 The Stallholder must ensure that any cylinder containing LP gas is secure at all times.

6. Health & Safety Directions
6.1 The Stallholder must comply with any direction given by RCOB in relation to public health and safety, including an Evacuation Plan.

7. Trading Hours and Attendance
7.1 The BNCM trading hours are 09:00 to 13:00.
7.2 A Stallholder must complete the setting up of their Stall Site by no later than 08:45.
7.3 No vehicle access to a Stall Site will be permitted after 08:45;
7.4 A Stallholder must keep their stall open for trade throughout the trading hours, unless all product is sold prior to the closing time;
7.5 A Stallholder may only leave the BNCM prior to the published closing time with the permission of RCOB
7.6 A Stallholder must vacate their Stall Site by no later than 14:00.

8. Waste Disposal and use of particular items
8.1 A Stallholder must remove all rubbish and waste from the BNCM and is not permitted to dispose of any waste in the rubbish bins provided at the BNCM which are strictly only for public use;
8.2 A Stallholder must ensure that the Stall Site is left in the condition that it was in prior to occupation;
8.3 The Stallholder must familiarise itself with the Council’s Sustainable Events Guidelines and note in particular that the following products/equipment are strictly prohibited:-
a. Single use plastic bags;
b. Balloons;
c. Polystyrene;
d. Open flame Barbeques
8.4 Any waste water generated must be properly disposed of in a drain or, where permitted, on road surfaces and not upon any part of the Oval

9. Categories of Goods permitted for sale
9.1 The mix of products to be permitted for sale shall remain at all times within the discretion of RCOB
9.2 RCOB may, in its discretion, set limits for the number of stalls providing any particular product, including:-
a. Produce, including fruit and vegetables;
b. Take-away food, including hot food and beverages;
c. Bakery, including bread, cakes, pastries and desserts;
d. Deli, including meat, cheese, nuts, honey;
e. Garden, including potted plants and cut flowers;
f. Crafts, including handmade or refurbished goods and bottled preserves;
g. New Goods (Australian made);
h. Alcohol
9.3 A Stallholder must comply with all Public Health laws and requirements of Council, Licensing Victoria or any other public authority in respect of the sale of food, beverages, alcohol and any other restricted goods;
9.4 A Stallholder must hold all Food Registration, Liquor and other permits required for their trade and produce evidence of same upon request.
9.5 Where a Stallholder sells goods by weight, they must ensure that any scales used are calibrated and certified

10. Prohibited Goods and activities
10.1 A Stallholder may not offer the following goods for sale under any circumstances:
a. Live animals;
b. Poisonous or prohibited goods, including medication;
c. Firearms, ammunition or weapons;
d. Illegal or offensive goods;
e. Counterfeit goods
f. Second hand goods
10.2 A Stallholder may not conduct a raffle or game of chance without the prior permission of RCOB;
10.3 A Stallholder may not distribute political material of any description.

11. Conduct of Stallholders
11.1 A Stallholder must behave with courtesy towards members of the public, other stallholders, officials and RCOB;
11.2 A Stallholder is not permitted to use a public address system, play music or behave in a way which causes a nuisance to members of the public or other stallholders;
11.3 A Stallholder must not smoke or consume alcohol within the Oval

12. COVID 19
12.1 A Stallholder must have and comply with a COVID Safe plan, as defined by the Victorian State Government from time to time;
12.2 A Stallholder must comply with the requirements of the COVID Safe plan prepared by RCOB as amended from time to time. For details of current Covid Plan for this market please refer to market Website.

13. Release Indemnity and Insurance
13.1 A Stallholder occupies the Stall Site at their own risk and releases and discharges RCOB from all claims, suits, actions, damages, losses or injury (including death) in connection with the occupation of a Stall Site by a Stallholder;
13.2 A Stallholder must indemnify and hold harmless RCOB against all claims, suits, actions and damages howsoever arising in relation to the occupation of a Stall Site
13.3 A Stallholder must hold Public Risk Insurance in an amount of not less than $20,000,000.00 and must produce evidence of the currency of such insurance.

14. General
​RCOB reserves the right to publish photographic images of The Stallholder and/or their Stall Site taken at BNCM for use in their printed or electronic promotional material and the Stallholder expressly grants permission for the use of any images in this manner.

V6.0 06-12-21

The T&C’s on the booking site and at time of booking superceeds the content of this page.

Trybooking Customer Terms and Conditions can be viewed at: their website.
Certification documents required

Certification documents required

  • Please email a copy of your Public Liability Insurance, “Certificate of Currency”.
  • Food traders only: please email a copy of your Streatrader Registration, Statement Of Trade “SOT”.