A project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris

Stall Placements Blank

What you need to know for market day Sunday Feb 6th.

  • Your stall placements are now listed on our website. BNCM_Stall_Assignments.pdf
  • Bump in time is 7:45am at Wood Street entrance. Please keep noise and traffic to a minimum. Put your hazard lights on.
  • Have all of your relevant certificates ready. Bayside Council may be checking. I’ll follow up those whose credentials we’re missing.
  • Stallholders and their staff must have┬ávalid proof of vax certificates.
  • Follow directions of the Rotary volunteers.
  • Your stall number will be on a green soccer cone AT THE FRONT of your stall. That cone marks the middle of your stall. Drive in nose first; the back end of your vehicle or trailer will now be facing the front of the stall. (ie, don’t reverse in)
  • Market opens 9:00am. Vehicles will not be allowed in after 8:45am.
  • All stallholders especially the foodies, please manage your customer queues. Not only for social distance requirements, for the sake of not blocking access/view to your neighbour’s┬ástall.
  • Market closes 1:00pm. Bump out time is 1:15 to 2:00pm

Booking for next market opens up soon the following week. A limited early bird booking discount will apply!

On behalf of Beaumaris Rotary, we thank you for your participation in our market and we wish you a very successful market day!