A project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris

Poppy Smack

It all started with the Vietnamese Dipping sauce, otherwise known as Nước Chấm in our native language.
The Vietnamese Dipping Sauce is a universal sauce for everything. We use it on many of our popular dishes like Gỏi cuốn (Rice paper rolls), Cơm tấm (Special Broken Rice), Bún Thịt Nướng (Vietnamese Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles) and Chả giò (Spring Rolls) just to name a few.

The traditional recipe and techniques to make this sauce has been passed down to us from generations to generations, and getting the perfect balance of herb and spices is what makes all our sauces unique and irresistible. Our family meal gatherings would not be complete without our condiments like Sweet and Salty Hoisin, Tangy Tamarind, Caramelized Pineapple and of course our famous Vietnamese Dipping sauce.
As working mums, it is essential to find shortcuts to bring tasty and healthy meals for our young families. So we would make large batches of our sauces, bottle and then store them, ready to be used for any meal with a simple twist of a lid.

Then one day, we had a light bulb moment… why not share them with everyone else? So here we are, sharing our authentic flavours of Asia with you.

We take pride in our product line, ensuring the freshest available ingredients go into each bottle with no added colour, preservatives or additives.
Our sauces are exactly how we enjoy them at home, and we hope you enjoy them at yours.