A project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris

Oli Collective

Luxury Home Fragrance

Handmade in Australia

Oli Collective is a Melbourne based Home Fragrance store, that offers high quality, hand-crafted candles, diffusers and other home fragrance in an array of inspiring fragrances.

The reason behind choosing ‘Oli’ as our business name is, it comes from an ancient language, which means ‘Light’. Our mission is to bring light and positivity to homes of Australians with our beautifully hand-crafted Home Fragrance Range.

I have worked in the Finance Industry for more than a decade, but always wanted to do something that I enjoy and allowing more time with my gorgeous two girls. I have always loved Candles and Fragrances, the positive vibe that is created when lighting up a candle and how a house redolent with the rich smell works as an instant mood booster. Whilst on Maternity leave, I finally had the chance to explore making candles and to start-up Oli Collective.

By creating Oli collective, I wanted to share this wonderful experience with each and every one of you through our home fragrance range. I have spent many nights in testing each of the scents we have picked to use in our home fragrance range, and most importantly, how they can make a difference in the way you feel.