A project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris

My Pet Treats

Our Philosophy and Mission
“We claim that you know what is best for your pets.
We pledge to work with you and make it happen .”

Yes, we are innovative and source some of the most pawsome ingredients in the country. If we can’t find them …. then who can? We will organically grow them.
We consult with Australian Producers, Veterinarians, Scientists, Nutritionists, Behaviorists and most of all our Clients and their fussy furry friends. Quite often we will consult with our clients Vets on behalf of their furry friends with special needs.

At My Pet Treats, our furry friends are our 2nd choice of product testers.
The My Pet Treats Team are our 1st choice of product testers. ‘The Ingredients’, ‘The Appearance’, ‘The Texture’, ‘The Crunch’, ‘The Flavours’, ‘The Taste’, ‘The whole Package’ YUM ….
We hope that you will become part of our journey

“Enjoy your day”
The My Pet Treats Team