A project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris

Liv Essence

An eco-friendly, cruelty free, plant-based home fragrance collection; handcrafted with premium ingredients and naturally fragranced with pure and organic essential oils. Proudly Vegan Australia Certified.

We decided to put the ‘plant’ and the ‘natural’ into our extending line of natural fragrance products, and share them with Australia. It is so important to know what we are using in our homes and around our children and how it can affect our health and wellbeing. With this in mind, we have developed a unique collection of luxurious, natural, plant-based fragranced products for the home and body. All products are individually handcrafted by Belinda and Anja.

There is nothing more inviting than a beautiful signature scent filling your home, or being able to wear it! Whether it be warm winter nights with the woody essence of Patchouli, or fresh summer days with the vibrant aromas of Lime and Lemongrass; there is a scent to compliment your every mood. With a variety of luscious, tropical, earthy and natural inspired blends available to choose from, we hope to invoke your senses and inspire your mind and body.