A project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris

Kokki Krafts

Kokki Eco is a social enterprise located in Melbourne, Australia that focuses on impact through ethical trade. We believe in putting artisans before profits. We believe in supporting our makers first So they set their price for their handicrafts and we reinvest more than 50% of our sales back into trading with them. This not only supports our makers but the businesses they support and their communities around them. Our goal is to bring beautiful, high quality and unique Indian handicrafts to the world.


Kokki began back in 2017, when the original team Urban Edge won a Social Enterprise Hackathon at RMIT University. The original two winners formed the Food Loop Group and entered the RMIT Activator program. The original pitch was to wireframe a food waste app. At the end of the program, Sandun went back to second year Architecture and Tanya, who was studying Building Design Architectural, decided to continue on with the Food Loop Group. This then became Kokki!


Our products must be useful, high quality and beautiful. Everything we sell is either handmade from natural materials, biodegradable, upcycled or made from recycled materials. Many recycled products end up in landfill so we have a preference for biodegradable and upcycled first.


We believe strongly in community. It is important that all the talented artisans are paid appropriately for the beautiful products. We support local makers here in Australia that make and sell products to us.