A project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris

Gorgeous George Probiotics

Gorgeous George is Melbourne’s own GUT HEALTH SPECIALIST.

A responsible producer of delicious food utilising fresh, local, certified organic ingredients.

The GG journey started in mid 2017 when George began to make his own range of Prebiotic Dips and Probiotic Sauerkrauts for a few local Farmers Markets. George came to recognise that the Gut is the second brain and, like all parts of the body needs some care and attention.

This lightbulb moment has driven George to make his products available to everyone who believes in the power of Good Bacteria. He is spreading the word and now you can find his hand-crafted range of Tonics, Kombuchas, Water Kefirs, Krauts, Dips & Pestos in most of the Best Farmers Markets in Melbourne.

Now you have the ultimate convenience to access a biodiversity of Probiotics, which is key when it comes to a well tuned digestive tract.

When Good Bacteria outweighs Bad Bacteria you start to win the battle.

Say goodbye to feeling sluggish and tired and unwell.

Say hello to health and vitality and energy!