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Bayside farmers market mix ups explained

There’s been some confusion about farmers markets here in Bayside Council. Where is the farmers market located? What day is the market open? Has the market moved? Is the farmers market still operating? Why does the market have more than one name? Hopefully we can explain the mix ups and clear up the confusion.

Firstly, to be clear, we are The Beaumaris North Community Market (formerly Beaumaris Farmers Market, or Regional Farmers Market Beaumaris).

Beaumaris Farmers Market was run and organised by a 3rd party group called Regional Farmers Market (RFM).  RFM run a number of markets in Melbourne’s south east suburbs, including Blackrock Farmers Market (also a project of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris).

Secondly, as of this writing*, there is inaccurate and outdated information regarding the location and details of our former market operation. One example is that the Facebook page for “Beaumaris Farmers Market” lists both markets on the same page. It shows 76 Royal Avenue Beaumaris as the address (which is actually in Sandringham), but the map pin points to Beaumaris North Primary School oval.

Next, there have been venue changes from Sandringham College, Beaumaris Campus to present day, Beaumaris North Primary School oval. (10 Sep 2016). Add to that, Google Maps show the location of the former farmers market on the oval as “permanently closed”. Though technically correct, we’re in the process of updating that information.

On the subject of venues, the location of the farmers market has about 3 different listings, one of them 3 blocks north of the actual site. Here’s the actual location.

And then there’s the really confusing case where one suburb’s Rotary Club hosts a farmers market apparently in another suburb, but in fact, the market is situated in a 3rd suburb! Case in point; Beaumaris Rotary hosting Black Rock Market in Sandringham. Or the Sandringham Rotary hosting the Hampton Farmers Market and the Hampton Rotary co-hosting a Sandringham Farmers Market. (See list below for total clarity)

Finally, COVID restrictions and an oval upgrade at Beaumaris North Primary School forced continuity of the Beaumaris Farmers Market to cease.

Hopefully we’ve cleared up the mix up and confusion and trust you enjoy the new Beaumaris North Community Market. It’s got what you expect at a Rotary Farmers Market, plus lots more for the entire community.

*Editor’s note: the “Beaumaris Farmers Market” Facebook page was deleted as at 14 Aug 2021. There is still however, at this time, a live page on the RFM website with 18 month old outdated information of this previous market. While technically hidden, google still lists it in its search results and is viewable to the public. The owners of the website have been made aware of this and hopefully will rectify the oversight.

** Update July 2022:  The Beaumaris Rotary Club shall cease operating the BEAUMARIS NORTH COMMUNITY MARKET at Beaumaris North Primary School. The Rotary Club of Sandringham has made arrangements to start up a new Beaumaris Farmers Market at the same site.

All the Rotary clubs are separately run organisations. Many of them run their own markets. For details about Sandringham Rotary Club’s new Beaumaris Farmers Market please visit beaumarisfarmersmarket.au

Rotary Club organised farmers and community markets in the Bayside area.

Suburb/RC Market Name Day Location

Rotary Club of Chelsea

Kingston Farmers Market 1st Saturday Sir William Fry Reserve, Nepean Highway, Highett.
Beaumaris North

Rotary Club of Beaumaris

Beaumaris North Community Market

(Formerly Beaumaris Farmers Market)

No longer in


188 Reserve Rd, Beaumaris VIC 3193.

Rotary Club of Beaumaris

Black Rock Farmers Market

(aka Royal Avenue Farmers Market)

2nd Saturday Royal Avenue, Sandringham.

Rotary Club of Sandringham

Hampton Farmers Market**

Now operating as Beaumaris Farmers Market

(**New in 2021, moved to Beaumaris June 2022)

3rd Sunday Hampton Street, (Willis Lane) behind Woolworths.

188 Reserve Rd, Beaumaris VIC 3193.


Rotary Clubs of Hampton & Sandringham

Bayside Farmers Market 4th Saturday Trey Bit Reserve, Jetty Rd, Sandringham.